About Sara

"I'm just so touched by what Sara has done for our family ... she has created memories for us that will be cherished for generations."

"Sara was that pillar of calm on my wedding day that helped keep everything relaxed and steady."

"She was somehow able to capture everything ... I mean, she just didn't miss anything."

"Sara noticed little details throughout the day that I didn't even know had happened. I'm so glad to have those memories captured."

"She was somehow able to make my husband realize he is photogenic! After our engagement portraits, [he] went from hating having his picture taken to completely trusting that he looks good in photos. She's a wizard."

"She was so detailed and attentive ... I'm so glad to have found her."

"She could tell that I just wasn't pleased with my hair, so she set down her camera for 20 minutes and somehow made my hair look perfect. She cared about how I felt about myself."

"I was completely overwhelmed with the wedding process, and Sara just made the photography part and the whole timeline feel like it flowed seamlessly."

"Sara made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I had no idea that could be possible."

"Sara was able to direct my family in a way that everyone listened and felt relaxed. She even sang songs to the flower girls to keep their smiles genuine, and addressed everyone by name. Everyone felt special."

"Human movement creates sculptures only visible for a millisecond." ~ Sara Donaldson

For Sara, what started with a love for the nuances of light and shadow on black and white film (circa the 1990s), evolved into a personal quest for signature expressions and the milliseconds that matter. 

Although Sara started avidly taking photography courses in 1992, she has always felt that 2004 marked her first year of photography (2004 was the year that she began working full-time as an artist).

Sara donates regularly to her university's effort to help rhino in South Africa and donates 10% of art print sales to her late brother's scholarship fund.

Sara also mentors other creatives how to get rid of debilitating self-doubt and overwhelm so that they can enjoy financially sustainable careers.

Sara's online art photography store (where you can purchase fine art prints and artwork) is located here.

She is also a musician (hear her music here or here) and has taught yoga since 2002. 

Sara is married to her best friend and second photographer + studio manager, Michael. (Sara and Michael met through their mutual love for creating music - she played cello on his album in 2005.)

Sara and Michael work tirelessly together to create lasting memories for others, and love every moment. 

"My children ask to look through our family portrait albums during bedtime stories. They would rather look at us and point out the connection and happiness in the family albums than read any other book in their room. Sara created a story that is ours."

"Sara has photographed our family for nine years. We just love how she sees us. She is always able to captures those moments between the moments."

"As we were getting into the getaway car during our wedding exit, I remember that I hugged my mom, my dad, my sister and then just felt compelled to hug Sara. She just felt like part of the family. Now, three years later, I can't imagine anyone else photographing our new baby."

"Sara Donaldson seeks out the artistry that is present in every moment."

Portraits of Sara and Michael are by Jose Villa.

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