Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart | Samuelle Couture NY Bridal Fashion Week

I had not seen artistic perfection until seeing a Samuelle Couture custom gown up close and personal. Sam’s gowns have an almost majestic quality. Each and every inch is perfectly soft, beautifully feminine, and hand sewn with care. Dresses simply do not typically have the graceful movement and fluidity that these have… Pair these couture gowns with the genius of Liv Hart and brides instantly have an effortless beauty that is rarely achieved. 

Liv Hart and I went to dinner in NYC during Bridal Fashion Week, and like a giddy teenager, I asked if I could wear one of her handmade headpieces to dinner. *Gasp.* Liv let me wander around New York City wearing her coveted halo crown, and for a few memorable hours… I felt like a princess. 

Here are some favorite moments from New York Bridal Fashion Week, featuring the latest pieces from Liv Hart and Samuelle Couture.

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Sara Donaldson | photography

Samuelle Couture | custom, hand-laced wedding gowns 

Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart | beautiful handmade headpieces, veils and accessories

Sharon Becker | makeup and hair, New York City

Wilhelmina Models NYC | Annabelle

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